I’m Sue Deacon

An emerging artist, a versatile painter who works in mixed media, acrylics, and watercolours. My watercolours are realistic and the mixed media and acrylic works are both abstract and realistic. Originally from Maryborough, in country Queensland, though I have lived all around the state. My earliest memories are of attending an art class at the local paint store, using pots of Reeves Tempera dry powder and butchers paper.

In high school I attended night classes with my mother learning Ticket Writing, a combination of calligraphy and illustration, in the days before home computers and printers. Always my favourite subject, after finishing high school I was accepted to undertake a Diploma of Commercial Art and began enhancing my knowledge through a correspondence course, while working and studying nursing in the local hospital.

During this time I taught myself macro photography and printed photos in my own black and white darkroom. These hands on experiences gave me a deeper understanding of light and how depth of field can be used to show distance. Many of the photographs taken would later become subjects for my artwork, with images capturing the unique textures and the subtle sheens found in nature, in plants, animals, and the environment. It is a challenge to capture the subtle highlights on the petals of a rose, the sheen of peacock’s feathers, or the scales of a fish in  a painting. I love to garden so many pieces reflect floral and botanical themes.

Since 2015 however, and as part of a plan to transition to retirement, my life has been full of art, from her day to day business in my picture framing and art supplies business to hosting art workshops teaching others, opening my own gallery, and the remainder of my time I can be found planning, preparing, and painting my own works of art. I like to continue my professional development undertaking regular online workshops with international artists and continual in-depth learning about art and framing materials.

Always aware of the impact of colour on the psyche, I love to use bright and cheerful colours that are uplifting and improves the viewer’s mood. In the recent Australian Iconic Blossoms series I incorporated artificial intelligence processes during the preparation and planning stages, to create eye-catching pieces that have a consistent harmonious theme.